Coen Wieman (1976) is a dutch artist, his work
(paintings and objects)
are often fotorealistic as well as magical realistic.

for sale:

Artprints of 'still life with portret King Willem- Alexander'

A table is laid in seventeenth century style.
The Netherlands lies on the King's plate
(or a piece of cake?)

The table linen on the painting is produced by Sanny de Zoete and it was a gift for King Willem-Alexander and queen Máxima for their marriage given by the readers of the magazine 'Vorsten Royale'.
Queen Máxima chose the dessin: apple from designer Chris Lebeau.

The portrait is available as an artprint on canvas or on paper.
The certified luxe edition on canvas 10 pieces, 90 x 94 cm, euro 395,00 apiece
The certified edition on paper 25 pc, 60 x 63,5 cm, euro 195,00 apiece